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Joy FM is challenging you to listen to nothing but Gospel music for the next 30 days; then, let us know what a difference it makes in your life!  Through this challenge, we’re inviting you to make Jesus the center of all your New Year activities!  

Jesus works in each area of our lives – whether you’re facing hardships in your finances, relationships, health, career, or even whether you’re celebrating the joys in life through friends, family, new life, new relationships – whatever it may be, Jesus works in all of it! So make it official, and take Joy FM ’s 30-Day Challenge!  

Sign up below to commit to listening to nothing but Gospel music for the next 30 days.  As a “thank you” and to show that we believe you can do this, we’ll send you the official Joy FM 30-Day Challenge Welcome Pack to encourage you as you listen.

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30-Day Challenge

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